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Ecological Importance Of Sea Turtles & Marine Life.

Empowering local fishing village youth to protect marine life by liaising with state officials, and educating on the ecological importance of the sea turtles.

Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation & overseeing hatchling releases, reducing poaching.

Conducting turtle walks & bringing awareness to the general public with the Chief Wildlife Warden

Worked in partnership with the Wildlife Wing of the Forest Department, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, for organizing annual training programs for more than 1200 officers of Wildlife Department, Fisheries Department, Indian Coast Guard and Marine Police.

Involve artisanal fishers in practical conservation & engage them in broader policy matters.

Extend awareness & educate school children & also their educators, to have a better understanding of nature, the outdoors, and marine conservation with the Fisheries, Indian Coast Guards, and Marine Police.

Training & education of 3700 teachers, 255,000 students in 348 schools & colleges enrolled under the “Tree Foundation Ocean Guardian School Program”, 85% of the fishing community, 2150 tribal people on stopping poaching, 17,000 artisanal fishers on “safety at sea” programs, 480,000 guided turtle walks.

Five members are “Captive elephant Inspection Team Members’ for Animal Welfare Board of India.

Elephant care facility currently rehabilitating 3 females rescued from being temple elephants

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