Paddle For Future

Protection of Mangroves & Estuaries

Mangrove Afforestation, Conservation of Water bodies and Salt Land Restoration

Engagement of the youth in understanding civic responsibilities through outdoor sports

PaddleforPasumai initiative is a green cover initiative to plant and maintain native trees around water bodies.

Experiential outdoor learning for students, to seek adventure in their “back yard”, so to understand the Mangroves and Coastal Ecosystems

Planting & Maintenance of Saplings around the mangroves, and Salt Land Restoration through green cover.

Teaching children to make paddleboards from plastic waste.

Set up estuaries for school children, a permanent facility called “Mangrove Bay” for the outdoor backwater science programs.

Mangrove afforestation, backwater human powered sports to inspire a human connection with the environment to help develop actions to sustain.

Paddle For Future Pledge with EarthPillars360

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