Conservation Of Forests, Wetlands & The Himalayan Mountains.

Environmental education to rural communities, through workshops, fairs & street plays.

Providing for sustainable livelihood in the North East Himalayan Region, through forest conservation.

Works with various participatory planning processes & action plan, with Govt. & Non-Govt. Organizations to ensure a green economy & sustainable development.

The Himalayas are a treasure house of resources, where the forest dwellers dependency on nature is high. Creating the balance between conservation of forest and supporting the livelihood of the people.

Supporting the mountain people by facilitating alternative livelihood.
Richest in Bio-Diversity, KCC has banned the use of fuel wood by trekkers, illegal grazing, hunting, poaching & illegal sales of medicinal plants, working closely with the National Park and Forest Dept.

Conservation of the lakes/wetlands. Lakes are being overly used and mismanaged by tourism. Instrumental with the work done at Lake Samiti, which is at 13,000 ft

Waste assorted in to recyclable, reusable, hazardous, non-recyclable at the resource recovery centre.

KCC Pledge with EarthPillars360

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