Tree Plantations With Local Communities On Public Land

Provides a unique greet-with-trees service that allows individuals and corporates to commemorate special occasions by planting trees.

Have Planting Partners work with local authorities and local communities to plant trees in public lands.

Plant trees to restore forests, improve wildlife habitats, rejuvenate rivers, support rural livelihoods, etc.

Enable companies to not only plant trees, but to also honor customers, employees, dealers and stakeholders with trees through personalized co-branded eTreeCertificates.

Web based service to enable individuals and companies worldwide to plant trees in public lands and dedicate the trees via personalized eTreeCertificates/ physical certificates/ physical cards for about the price of a greeting card

Offers convenience to take green action anytime, from anywhere

As a social enterprise, focus is on triple bottom-line: environment, society at large and financial viability; trees planted only in public lands for their enduring benefits to communities and living creatures, not for individual enrichment nor for timber

Grow Trees Pledge with EarthPillars360

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