The Campaign #HorizonEarthPillars360 had its digital launch March 3, 2019 to bring awareness & educate. This unique intellectual property that stemmed out of gratitude for the wondrous & miraculous planet earth, & then seeing it’s depletion, leading to a conscious effort to bring awareness, educate about overconsumption & waste, inability of the people to engage in the issues facing us, while knowing the problems exists. 

We are at the eleventh hour. Life & species are degenerating, impacting ecosystems everywhere & very seriously. This urgent crisis has stemmed call for action globally. In India we need to do what it takes by participating, encouraging, supporting, volunteering, researching, educating & implementing. 

The relentless & on going process of bringing attention to areas of screeching issues, create opportunities for many people to join the platform, present positive steps, share knowledge, collaborate efforts, prepare experiential learning situations, skills & vocation training, & support those brave hearts already working in the field for several years, driving change.   

Impacting the lives & bio-diversity of all species on planet earth, those below water, those on land, & doing a little something about, lies in the hands of humans, to contribute in small or big ways. Jump on to the wagon of sustainable living to protect & preserve your planet earth. 

Our EarthPillars360 Annual Gala Event aims to bring the community together, which will grow year to year, for a brighter future together! Crusade solutions & plan action? Yes, join us with this one big step forward to restore our planet with its natural resources, for generations to come!


  • • Present the issues facing us.
  • • A collection of inspiring audio-visual presentations throughout our digital campaign.
  • • Educate about human conflict with wildlife & irresponsibility towards nature.
  • • Highlight areas where there is serious damage to our eco-system, which has impacted climate change.
  • • Effects on health & the environment with focus on plants, fauna, tress, forests, farms & habitat.
  • • Encourage our selected NGO’s, by showcasing their work & annual developments.
  • • Suggest a plan of action for generating solutions.
  • • Supporting our selected NGO’s on the field by creating direct volunteer opportunities.
  • • Direct funding to our organizations & NGO’s for their immediate problems to provide solutions.
  • • Identifying & engaging organizations to facilitate impact where needed. 
  • • Seed Funds provided to entrepreneurs working towards a sustainable environment.
Rosemoon Fine Arts is a platform for expression through media, visual & the performing arts. Creative professionals & artists from companies, organisations & NGO’s will be encouraged to grow, build momentum & sustain through visibility on this platform. We invite to showcase talent in varied art forms, including photography, visual story-telling, photo art, writing, paintings, music, theatre, documentaries & film. In addition we will extend support to industries such as fashion, beauty, furnishings, framing, construction, hospitality & etc, who are sensitive to environment conservation & make this as a part of their working policies. 
@preservation of wildlife, landscape, heritage thru art as a medium