About The Initiative

About the iNITIATIVE

Joining a global movement by launching our Digital Campaign #HorizonEarthPillars360 on March 3, 2019, “a brighter future together”, with our Communication Partner Pillar, National Geographic Traveller India, bringing awareness of pounding issues concerning the environment, which need immediate attention.

Our endeavour is to contribute & influence where necessary, educate & bring to the surface, influence the prevention of depletion & waste by people, the sustenance of our planet resources, natural habitat, & the understanding of sharing space on earth, a source of life for all things living, improving the relationship between humans & nature.

Our achievements are encouraged by an enthusiastic group of entrepreneurs & creative professionals, NGO’s & other social enterprises, corporates, organizations, volunteers & well wishers, who have engaged with EarthPillars360 to work towards repairing the planet, by educating, implanting solutions to an existing problem of misuse of natural resources, overconsumption, pollution, waste, wild life extinction & human cruelty, in the Indian sub-continent, & also the world. This global climate emergency requires effective collaboration & corporation from all humans, through awareness & action.   

The collective strength of the EarthPillar360 Partnerships will enable our team to bring to the forefront improvements in all the target areas that are intricately interlaced into the natural & unique ecosystems of all the Planet Pillars & life forms: all things associated with the ocean, land, life & you. We co-exist & share the planet resources, so the domino effect created by the action of the people, impacts both the eco-system & the biodiversity, amongst all the planet pillars & therefore life on earth.


The problem is large, ominous & urgent. A widely spread population in both rural India & it’s urban areas, are unable to connect, have difficulty in knowing where to go to make a difference, whom to approach for ill practices & its negative impact on the environment, some who are not so educated are unaware of the existing problem, & then there is poverty which has the potential of getting worse.

How do we work towards our key objectives of *Reserve *Revive *Restore *Rejuvenate *Renew *Reduce our planet pillars ?

EarthPillars360 has initiated supporting & engaging young entrepreneurs, to innovate, develop & implement solutions for our eco-systems, to improve & sustain the natural qualities of Earth by developing opportunities for volunteers & generate funds to support their cause & pledges & help then scale up towards long term sustainability.