Annual Gala Launch

Annual Gala Launch

21 September 2019

“UN International Day Of Peace”

EarthPillars360 launches their #KeepEarthSafe Campaign in collaboration with National Geographic Traveller India. The gala featured an art exhibition, workshops, videos and a panel discussion to raise awareness about the condition of the environment. Held at a venue in South Mumbai, the event received an overwhelmingly positive response and was attended by citizens and organization across industry and the social sector. It was a grand success thanks to the efforts of the volunteer People Pillars.

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The day kicked off with a specially curated display of photo art and educational videos contributed by the environmental experts and NGOs associated with EarthPillars360 who shared stories and knowledge about the different ways in which humankind interacts with nature.
The 17 United Sustainable Goals was well explained by Shashidhar Vempala. Most importantly, these experiences shed light on how critical the environment is to our very existence and the urgent need for sustainable eco systems that protect the natural environmental heritage that Earth is blessed with.  The wealth of information and the interactive nature of both the sessions helped foster a healthy discussion and served the purpose of educating those in attendance about the finer nuances of environmental stewardship.

As evening fell, the annual gala launch, commenced with an exclusive attendance of 160 invited guests. Attendees were welcomed with beverages and delicious snacks, visited the exhibition and interacted with the speakers and other guests. Founder & CMD Meenakshi V Rai then took the dais to welcome, thank the guests & key sponsors, introduce the Directors, Mr Vivek Rai Gupta, Mr Anuraag Agarwal, Mr Sunit Mehra, the COO Mr Sarabjeet Singh, the EarthPillars360 Advisory Committee and Volunteers, Ms. Ritika Basu & the National Geographic Traveller India team. A soulful musical performance, with songs that were chosen relevant to the theme of climate action and peaceful co-existence, opened by talented teenagers Jiya Ahuja and Varenya Pakvasa, followed by Meenakshi V Rai and veteran actor Dalip Tahil, who then united on stage to sound a powerful and inspiring alarm, setting the tone for the rest of the evening, calling for prompt environmental action. The wonderful audience, comprising of young and old environmentally conscious citizens from all walks of life, wholeheartedly responded by pledging to dedicate their efforts to create a brighter future.

The highlight of the evening was a panel of esteemed speakers, Mr. Hans Dalal of Prowl Trust; Dr. Supraja Dharini of The Tree Foundation; Dr. Yaduraj Khadpekar of Wildlife SOS; Dr. Larra Shah of Revive Foundation; Mr Pradip Shah of Grow-Trees; Ms. Aarati Savur of Parisar Asha; Mr. Kingzong Bhutia of Khangchendzonga Conservation Committee; Mr Christan Noel of Paddle for Future; Moderatedby the directors of Earthpillars360, had great audience participation during the discussion and interaction, emphasizing responsible action to improve  human relationship with nature. Guests and speakers networked over dinner, eager to contribute to the EarthPillars360’s cause, in whatever way they could, before the evening came to a close. This sentiment was a strong endorsement of an environmentally conscious mindset and collective awareness about how our lifestyle impacts the natural eco-systems.
The successful Annual Gala is the first of many meaningful initiatives to come.

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